Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mud Runs: Just As Fun for Spectators

Ever been to a regular 5K, half- or full-marathon, but not competed?  Yeah, it’s not that fun.  You probably just stood on the side of a city street as racers passed you with looks of defeat on their faces.  At Ruckus, we think the experience should be just as fun for the spectators as it is for our RuckStars.   

Back to those repetitive road races – we’re guessing you went to a spot on the course, saw your friend or family member pass by, then moved to one or two other spots to watch them momentarily pass again.  We know you want to watch your loved ones struggle up some of our daunting obstacles, so we make nearly the entire course visible to spectators.  Beforehand, you can decide if you want to see them crawl through mud pits, climb up and over walls or tackle countless other challenges. 

Plus, once your runner’s heat is over and you’ve had your fill of watching them get extra messy, you will have the chance to experience the great Ruckus atmosphere with all of the competitors (although you won’t be as muddy!).  The spectator area at Ruckus also features a health and fitness expo, a beer garden and food trucks – the recipe to an awesome Saturday whether you’re running or just watching. 

Be sure to reserve your spectator pass online for only $10 and be a part of the fun and exciting atmosphere at Ruckus (children under the age of 10 and registered participants do not have to purchase a spectator pass). Or we guess you could stand on the street during your husband’s regular 5K and hand him water as he drenches you in sweat.  It’s up to you.

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