Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sneak Peek of Ruckus Kansas City: Our Muddiest Obstacle Course Yet!

When we said that we’re obstacle-running, wall-climbing, mud-throwing athletes, we weren’t kidding.  That’s why we’re bringing Kansas City our muddiest, craziest, most downright adventurous obstacle course yet.  And it all comes together this weekend at Ruckus Kansas City.

Kansas City, are you ready to get down and dirty and cause a Ruckus?  Here is an exclusive sneak peek of what team Ruckus is putting together for you this weekend at the Valley Speedway in Grain Valley, MO!

What could this structure be for?  You’ll find out at Ruckus Kansas City on March 31!  
We hope you’ve been practicing your rope climbing skills! There’s more where this came from...
Hope you're in shape for the tire pit! 
More ropes take over the Ruckus KC obstacle course. 
A nod to the Hunger Games? You'll feel like Katniss in this portion of Ruckus KC!

Because mud brings out your eyes. 
More obstacles, more challenges, more fun! What could this be? 
We hope you're in the mood to take a dip, RuckStars!
The Grand Finale! How will this obstacle bring out your inner Ruckus? 
Plus, we’ve got great news!  The forecast for the day of Ruckus Kansas City (Saturday, March 31) is 61 degrees and partly cloudy.  The perfect weather to get running, get muddy and get competitive!

Care to join us?  Come cheer on the RuckStars throughout almost the entire course (we have the best spectating capabilities of any other obstacle course out there!).  Stop by on Saturday, March 31 at 348 E. Old 40 Highway in Grain Valley, MO and get your Ruckus on!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Register for Ruckus St. Louis Today (Before the Price Increase!)

Procrastinators: it’s time to put your “all-do-it-later” days to rest.  Ruckus St. Louis registration prices are increasing on Friday at 12:00am.  Do you know what that means?  It’s time to get registered—it’s time to become a part of Ruckus!

On Friday at midnight, the St. Louis Ruckus Challenge will increase by $5 (from $75 to $80) and the St. Louis Ruckus Heater will increase by $4 (from $60 to $64).

Need to save a couple extra bucks?  Sick of putting off things until the last minute?  Then register for Ruckus St. Louis today.  Keep in mind that the event is right around the corner—May 5, 2012 at 9:00AM.  Click here to register before it’s too late!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ruckus St. Louis Training Guide: 40 Days Out

Believe it or not, Ruckus St. Louis is only 40 days away. Are you doing everything you can to prepare for this year’s craziest, muddiest and most challenging obstacle course yet? Or are you sitting on the couch, eating potato chips and saying, “I’ll start tomorrow?”

Forty days isn’t a lot of time to build your endurance up, but it is long enough to train your body for the Ruckus Heater and the RuckusChallenge. If you start today, your endurance will be increased by the time Ruckus St. Louis begins on May 5th. But how can you build your endurance up in just 40 days?

It’s time to begin your Ruckus training! Here’s what we recommend 40 days out from competing in Ruckus:

Slower-paced, longer runs
Start off training by incorporating long, slower runs into your regimen this week. Try to build up the distance toward the middle of the week (Run 2 miles Monday, 3 miles Tuesday and break Wednesday), then go backwards for the rest of the week (Run 3 miles Thursday, 2 miles Friday). The following week, try 3 and 4 milers. Before you know it, you’ll be up to more miles than you ever thought you could complete! This will help build up your endurance, but also allows you to recover in between the tough runs.

Incorporate some interval training
Once or twice a week, try out some interval training. Intervals (a combination of jogging, walking and sprinting) help build endurance even faster. Try doing intervals for 20 minutes at first, and then work your way up. Sprint for one minute, jog for 2 minutes, walk for 1 minute and then repeat until you just can’t take the sprints anymore!

Start eating your veggies and drinking yourwater
Incorporate a healthy diet in your Ruckus training. Here’s are some quick tips for your training/eating plan:
  • Never run on an empty stomach! You need energy to power through those runs. Eat at least one hour before you run—and be sure to pack in the protein!
  • Eat within 30 minutes of completing your run to maximize your window of recovery. Get the energy you need by eating 80% carbohydrates with 20% proteins.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink water until you’re full.

Bring on the obstacles!
Although no Ruckus runner knows exactly what to prepare for when it comes to the obstacles, there is a way to train for the difficult challenges that lie ahead! How? Weight training! Lift weights on the days that you do not run to beef up muscle and improve your strength. When weights aren’t an option, try out some body weight exercises like pushups, pull-ups, dips and plank holds. And don’t forget the abs!

We’re 40 days out, Ruckus St. Louis runners! Are you preparing?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Are You Team Ruckus Or Are You Ridin' Solo?

Although Jason DeRulo may disagree, here at Ruckus, we believe that there are better things than ridin’ solo.  That’s why we have established Ruckus teams for you to participate in during your next Ruckus run!  What do we mean by teams exactly?  Ruckus teams allow you to register with a group of friends and family—big or small.  Although Ruckus teams are timed individually, teammates tend to add a strong support system throughout the obstacle courses.  After all, what better way to experience some added camaraderie than climbing a 14-foot cargo net with your loved ones? 

But are Ruckus teams for you?  Although a large majority of our participants do run in teams with family and friends, we also have those individuals who prefer to run solo.  But why?  And which one is for you?

Join a Ruckus team if...
  • You enjoy (or have excelled in) team sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, football, volleyball or the like. 
  • You prefer working out or going to the gym with a buddy.
  • You perform better when you’re surrounded by other people.  
  • You tend to be competitive with others.
  • You naturally are more motivated by the people by your side. 
  • You enjoy playing a leadership role and performing team-building skills.
  • You’re interpersonal. 
  • You have friends or family members that want to run Ruckus with you. 
  • You are registering early!  Wave times often sell out fast and you must get in the same wave time as your teammates!

Run Ruckus solo if...
  • You enjoy (or have excelled in) individual sports like swimming, golf, gymnastics, running, singles tennis or the like. 
  • You like working out alone and getting “in the zone”. 
  • You perform better when you only have to rely on yourself.
  • You tend to be competitive with yourself or the clock. 
  • You are naturally more disciplined.  
  • You enjoy self-motivation.
  • You’re intrapersonal. 
  • You have friends or family members that would prefer to cheer you on during Ruckus rather than running it.

And don’t forget: It’s not too late to register your team for Ruckus St. Louis!  And be sure to learn more about Ruckus teams on our FAQ page.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ruckus St. Louis Call for Volunteers!

Do you love running, tough obstacle courses and all things Ruckus? If so, we’re looking for your support! Calling all volunteers, Ruckus evangelists and running fans—here’s your chance to do your part and give back to the Ruckus community!

Ruckus St. Louis is currently looking for volunteers to help out during the May 5th event at the GCS Ballpark (Sauget, IL). Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age and must be available on May 5th during Ruckus St. Louis.

What are the incentives? If you put together a group of 25 or more volunteers, we will donate $500 to your organization (please keep in mind that we require one adult for every three volunteers under the age of 16)! In addition, all volunteers will receive unique access to the course and a free Ruckus t-shirt. And don’t forget: You’ll be surrounded by fun, driven, enthusiastic runners all day and will get the inside-scoop of the #1 ranked obstacle course under 10K!

Don’t miss out on the Ruckus experience! Sign up today to volunteer for Ruckus St. Louis!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The 6 Hottest Apps to Help You Train for Ruckus

Sometimes a dirt road, a pair of old tennis shoes and mental strength just isn’t enough. As human beings, we need support, we need advice and we need guidance when training for physical challenges like Ruckus. But what if you can’t afford a nutritionist, a coach or even a gym membership? That doesn’t mean you can’t get in tip-top Ruckus shape! There are dozens of cheap (and some free!) apps out there that will help you get in training-mode—even in time for Ruckus St. Louis on May 5th!

Free: iPhone
iMapMyRUN (the app version of MapMyRUN) may be the best app to log aworkout—it even finds running courses for you! Record your workouts, find a great running route, plug in nutrition and connect with your running friends with iMapMyRUN.

Free: iPhone
MyFitnessPal keep track of both your nutrition as well as your day-to-day activity. Simply plug theword “apple” into your daily intake and your calorie tracker will subtract 80 calories. Type in that you ran for 60 minutes and the calorie tracker will add an additional 600 calories to your daily caloric intake. It’s easy and it keeps health-conscious people on track.

Free: Android, iPhone
This app is a smartphone camera plus an instant heart-rate monitor that, according to many doctors, is one of the most accurate heart-rate monitor apps out there!

$1.99: iPhone
This app, developed by Lance Armstrong’s conditioning coach, utilizes video to show you how to perform certain exercises and movements. Get inside the gym and turn on Inflict Training to learn more about which exercises are for you. This app shows moves that center around agility and balance, Pilates, interval training and much, much more.

Free: Android, Blackberry, iPhone
Gazelle stores all medical records for later viewing. Need to log your Quest Diagnostics lab results? Need help remembering medication names? Not sure how many doses you may need? Gazelle helps with that!

Free: iPhone
Scare yourself off the couch! The Heart Disease Risk Calculator estimates your odds of having a heart attack, stroke or heart failure within the next ten years! Talk about encouragement to put down the potato chips and sign up for Ruckus!
Our phones seem to do it all—they have become our coaches, our motivators and even our doctors. Start purchasing these cool training apps to and get ready for your upcoming Ruckus challenge!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 8 Reasons Your Family Should Participate in Ruckus

How many Saturday mornings has your family been doing the exact same thing? Let us guess: pancakes for breakfast, Saturday morning cartoons and then family chores to catch up from the busy week. Although routine is nice, sometimes it’s better to get out of the typical Saturday morning rut and do something new. Something adventurous. Something...that causes a ruckus.

So pack up those duffle bags, fill up the water bottles and lace up your shoelaces, families! It’s time to sign up for Ruckus—the #1 ranked obstacle course under 10K!

Ruckus is the perfect opportunity for a family to come together, get some exercise and bond on a physical and mental level. But there’s more to Ruckus than just muddy family bonding. In fact, there are 8 killer reasons why your family should participate in Ruckus this year:

1. Ruckus gets your family out of the usual routine
A lot of families find themselves stuck in a rut after doing the same thing weekend after weekend. Family walks, touch football and movie night can only be exciting for so long. Ruckus allows a family to try something new and exciting. It allows every member of the family to challenge themselves, all while bonding with the ones they love most.

2. Ruckus brings your family together
When running in Ruckus, families can run as teams which can help foster camaraderie and strengthen teamwork. Ruckus believes that the family that plays together, stays together. This fun and muddy obstacle course for every age allows families to spend time together and make inseparable bonds.

3. Ruckus makes family exercise more enjoyable
One of the main ingredients to overall happiness and satisfaction is exercise. When families work out together, whether it’s a quick game of tennis, a trip to the swimming pool or a muddy obstacle course like Ruckus, exercise seems more fun and enjoyable.

4. Ruckus gives your family a competitive edge
Want to get your family as competitive as the Williams sisters or even the Manning brothers? Ruckus will give your family that competitive edge it needs! Instill friendly competition in your kids’ heads early on with Ruckus and help them learn how to compete in a friendly and humble way.

5. Ruckus is for all ages
Unlike other national obstacle courses, Ruckus is for the young and the young-at-heart. The Ruckus obstacle course is always built for anyone age 2 to 92. The course offers many different levels including a 2-mile “Heater”, a 4-mile “Challenge”, an 8-mile “Champions Heat”and the Ruckus Mini (for ages 2-15). With so many options, no one has to sit and wait at the finish line—everybody can become a part of Ruckus!

6. Ruckus could start a family tradition
Want to start a new tradition in your family? Why not sign up for Ruckus every year and make it an yearly event? Ruckus is an annual event that occurs in multiple cities throughout the US, giving you and your family plenty of opportunity to compete.

7. Ruckus is an opportunity to toss those cellphones to the side
How many times have you seen kids texting around the dinner table? Or in the middle of church? Or during family movie time? It’s time to put the distractions away and spend quality time together—Ruckus lets you do that! Because Ruckus is a muddy, wet and dirty obstacle course, cell phones cannot be carried throughout the run. If you need an excuse to get the kids off ofthe iPhones, Ruckus may be the answer (at least for a few hours!).

8. Ruckus is a blast!
Fans have been raving about Ruckus since its first obstacle was built. With testimonials like, “It blew my expectations out of the water!”, “What an amazing event!” and “Ruckus delivered the best obstacles!”, how could a family possibly go wrong giving it a shot?

But don’t take our word for it—experience the Ruckus family obstacle course for yourself! Register your family today for Ruckus and see what it’s all about!