Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sneak Peek of Ruckus Kansas City: Our Muddiest Obstacle Course Yet!

When we said that we’re obstacle-running, wall-climbing, mud-throwing athletes, we weren’t kidding.  That’s why we’re bringing Kansas City our muddiest, craziest, most downright adventurous obstacle course yet.  And it all comes together this weekend at Ruckus Kansas City.

Kansas City, are you ready to get down and dirty and cause a Ruckus?  Here is an exclusive sneak peek of what team Ruckus is putting together for you this weekend at the Valley Speedway in Grain Valley, MO!

What could this structure be for?  You’ll find out at Ruckus Kansas City on March 31!  
We hope you’ve been practicing your rope climbing skills! There’s more where this came from...
Hope you're in shape for the tire pit! 
More ropes take over the Ruckus KC obstacle course. 
A nod to the Hunger Games? You'll feel like Katniss in this portion of Ruckus KC!

Because mud brings out your eyes. 
More obstacles, more challenges, more fun! What could this be? 
We hope you're in the mood to take a dip, RuckStars!
The Grand Finale! How will this obstacle bring out your inner Ruckus? 
Plus, we’ve got great news!  The forecast for the day of Ruckus Kansas City (Saturday, March 31) is 61 degrees and partly cloudy.  The perfect weather to get running, get muddy and get competitive!

Care to join us?  Come cheer on the RuckStars throughout almost the entire course (we have the best spectating capabilities of any other obstacle course out there!).  Stop by on Saturday, March 31 at 348 E. Old 40 Highway in Grain Valley, MO and get your Ruckus on!


  1. I ran the Ruckus Race just yesterday & absolutely loved it! My husband was waiting with the kids at the finish line and commented that he loved the music that was played. Is there any way you could post a playlist?

  2. We're glad you enjoyed the music! We actually posted a blog just for you with some of the songs that we played during Ruckus Kansas City. View it here:

    Enjoy the playlist and we hope to see you again next year (or perhaps in St. Louis in a few weeks?).

    Thanks for running with us! You're a true RuckStar!