Thursday, March 15, 2012

The 6 Hottest Apps to Help You Train for Ruckus

Sometimes a dirt road, a pair of old tennis shoes and mental strength just isn’t enough. As human beings, we need support, we need advice and we need guidance when training for physical challenges like Ruckus. But what if you can’t afford a nutritionist, a coach or even a gym membership? That doesn’t mean you can’t get in tip-top Ruckus shape! There are dozens of cheap (and some free!) apps out there that will help you get in training-mode—even in time for Ruckus St. Louis on May 5th!

Free: iPhone
iMapMyRUN (the app version of MapMyRUN) may be the best app to log aworkout—it even finds running courses for you! Record your workouts, find a great running route, plug in nutrition and connect with your running friends with iMapMyRUN.

Free: iPhone
MyFitnessPal keep track of both your nutrition as well as your day-to-day activity. Simply plug theword “apple” into your daily intake and your calorie tracker will subtract 80 calories. Type in that you ran for 60 minutes and the calorie tracker will add an additional 600 calories to your daily caloric intake. It’s easy and it keeps health-conscious people on track.

Free: Android, iPhone
This app is a smartphone camera plus an instant heart-rate monitor that, according to many doctors, is one of the most accurate heart-rate monitor apps out there!

$1.99: iPhone
This app, developed by Lance Armstrong’s conditioning coach, utilizes video to show you how to perform certain exercises and movements. Get inside the gym and turn on Inflict Training to learn more about which exercises are for you. This app shows moves that center around agility and balance, Pilates, interval training and much, much more.

Free: Android, Blackberry, iPhone
Gazelle stores all medical records for later viewing. Need to log your Quest Diagnostics lab results? Need help remembering medication names? Not sure how many doses you may need? Gazelle helps with that!

Free: iPhone
Scare yourself off the couch! The Heart Disease Risk Calculator estimates your odds of having a heart attack, stroke or heart failure within the next ten years! Talk about encouragement to put down the potato chips and sign up for Ruckus!
Our phones seem to do it all—they have become our coaches, our motivators and even our doctors. Start purchasing these cool training apps to and get ready for your upcoming Ruckus challenge!

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