Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 8 Reasons Your Family Should Participate in Ruckus

How many Saturday mornings has your family been doing the exact same thing? Let us guess: pancakes for breakfast, Saturday morning cartoons and then family chores to catch up from the busy week. Although routine is nice, sometimes it’s better to get out of the typical Saturday morning rut and do something new. Something adventurous. Something...that causes a ruckus.

So pack up those duffle bags, fill up the water bottles and lace up your shoelaces, families! It’s time to sign up for Ruckus—the #1 ranked obstacle course under 10K!

Ruckus is the perfect opportunity for a family to come together, get some exercise and bond on a physical and mental level. But there’s more to Ruckus than just muddy family bonding. In fact, there are 8 killer reasons why your family should participate in Ruckus this year:

1. Ruckus gets your family out of the usual routine
A lot of families find themselves stuck in a rut after doing the same thing weekend after weekend. Family walks, touch football and movie night can only be exciting for so long. Ruckus allows a family to try something new and exciting. It allows every member of the family to challenge themselves, all while bonding with the ones they love most.

2. Ruckus brings your family together
When running in Ruckus, families can run as teams which can help foster camaraderie and strengthen teamwork. Ruckus believes that the family that plays together, stays together. This fun and muddy obstacle course for every age allows families to spend time together and make inseparable bonds.

3. Ruckus makes family exercise more enjoyable
One of the main ingredients to overall happiness and satisfaction is exercise. When families work out together, whether it’s a quick game of tennis, a trip to the swimming pool or a muddy obstacle course like Ruckus, exercise seems more fun and enjoyable.

4. Ruckus gives your family a competitive edge
Want to get your family as competitive as the Williams sisters or even the Manning brothers? Ruckus will give your family that competitive edge it needs! Instill friendly competition in your kids’ heads early on with Ruckus and help them learn how to compete in a friendly and humble way.

5. Ruckus is for all ages
Unlike other national obstacle courses, Ruckus is for the young and the young-at-heart. The Ruckus obstacle course is always built for anyone age 2 to 92. The course offers many different levels including a 2-mile “Heater”, a 4-mile “Challenge”, an 8-mile “Champions Heat”and the Ruckus Mini (for ages 2-15). With so many options, no one has to sit and wait at the finish line—everybody can become a part of Ruckus!

6. Ruckus could start a family tradition
Want to start a new tradition in your family? Why not sign up for Ruckus every year and make it an yearly event? Ruckus is an annual event that occurs in multiple cities throughout the US, giving you and your family plenty of opportunity to compete.

7. Ruckus is an opportunity to toss those cellphones to the side
How many times have you seen kids texting around the dinner table? Or in the middle of church? Or during family movie time? It’s time to put the distractions away and spend quality time together—Ruckus lets you do that! Because Ruckus is a muddy, wet and dirty obstacle course, cell phones cannot be carried throughout the run. If you need an excuse to get the kids off ofthe iPhones, Ruckus may be the answer (at least for a few hours!).

8. Ruckus is a blast!
Fans have been raving about Ruckus since its first obstacle was built. With testimonials like, “It blew my expectations out of the water!”, “What an amazing event!” and “Ruckus delivered the best obstacles!”, how could a family possibly go wrong giving it a shot?

But don’t take our word for it—experience the Ruckus family obstacle course for yourself! Register your family today for Ruckus and see what it’s all about!

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