Friday, March 23, 2012

Are You Team Ruckus Or Are You Ridin' Solo?

Although Jason DeRulo may disagree, here at Ruckus, we believe that there are better things than ridin’ solo.  That’s why we have established Ruckus teams for you to participate in during your next Ruckus run!  What do we mean by teams exactly?  Ruckus teams allow you to register with a group of friends and family—big or small.  Although Ruckus teams are timed individually, teammates tend to add a strong support system throughout the obstacle courses.  After all, what better way to experience some added camaraderie than climbing a 14-foot cargo net with your loved ones? 

But are Ruckus teams for you?  Although a large majority of our participants do run in teams with family and friends, we also have those individuals who prefer to run solo.  But why?  And which one is for you?

Join a Ruckus team if...
  • You enjoy (or have excelled in) team sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, football, volleyball or the like. 
  • You prefer working out or going to the gym with a buddy.
  • You perform better when you’re surrounded by other people.  
  • You tend to be competitive with others.
  • You naturally are more motivated by the people by your side. 
  • You enjoy playing a leadership role and performing team-building skills.
  • You’re interpersonal. 
  • You have friends or family members that want to run Ruckus with you. 
  • You are registering early!  Wave times often sell out fast and you must get in the same wave time as your teammates!

Run Ruckus solo if...
  • You enjoy (or have excelled in) individual sports like swimming, golf, gymnastics, running, singles tennis or the like. 
  • You like working out alone and getting “in the zone”. 
  • You perform better when you only have to rely on yourself.
  • You tend to be competitive with yourself or the clock. 
  • You are naturally more disciplined.  
  • You enjoy self-motivation.
  • You’re intrapersonal. 
  • You have friends or family members that would prefer to cheer you on during Ruckus rather than running it.

And don’t forget: It’s not too late to register your team for Ruckus St. Louis!  And be sure to learn more about Ruckus teams on our FAQ page.  

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