Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Causing a Ruckus during Summer Vacation: Why Kids Benefit from Doing the Ruckus Mini

It’s here! After months of waiting and dreaming of the endless possibilities and countless opportunities it would bring, summer vacation has finally arrived. Kids everywhere are pulling out their swim suits, cleaning the cobwebs off of their bikes and waving goodbye to the long days of school.  Little do they know that this may not be a typical summer.  They may not realize that this is the summer to cause a Ruckus.   Ruckus has one of the coolest events for kids—the Ruckus Mini.  It’s a muddy obstacle course made just for kids.  Here are a few ways your child will benefit from the muddy magnificence of the Ruckus Mini:

Soak Up the Sunshine
Kids need to play outside. It’s essential. They need the sunshine and more importantly, they need the exercise. Nowadays, it’s far too easy for kids to spend an entire day sitting inside playing video games or watching television. It’s up to you to encourage and inspire your child to get outdoors. Physical activity is as important for a child as it is for an adult.  

The Ruckus Mini is perfect for this. Get your little ones out of the house and into the mud. The Ruckus Mini will have your child climbing, crawling, running and laughing.  They can run the course as many times as they want, until they’re covered in mud and exhausted from all of the fun. You benefit from knowing your child is being active and your child will gain the benefits of a day full of playing.

Everyone is a Winner
Children require a certain amount of positive reinforcement. They need that pat on the back and acknowledgment after they do something that sets them apart. The Ruckus Mini is the perfect opportunity. The course is 100% spectator-friendly which means you can cheer your child on the entire time.

But the Ruckus Mini takes it a step further.  Not only is the Mini spectator friendly, it comes with a prize for participation. Each child that plays gets a t-shirt and a medal upon completion.

Make Lasting Memories
All parents want to give their children memories that last a lifetime. Participating in the Ruckus Mini is an experience your child will never forget. The memory of crawling through the mud and running with reckless abandon through the wild and crazy obstacle course is one that will stick with your child for years and years. The memories will last far longer than it takes for them to outgrow the t-shirt they receive at the end of the run.

The Ruckus Mini isn’t just an event, it’s an experience. It’s an experience your child will want to relive again and again. Who knows?  It might encourage them to create an obstacle course of their own in the backyard. 

Ruckus is all about creating memories and inspiring action. Give your child the opportunity to be inspired.
Let this be the summer you encourage your child to get muddy and have a blast! Sign your child up for the Ruckus Mini today!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Have Fun on Every Run (Even the Tough Ones!)

Running can be...monotonous.  The same trail run, the same pace on the treadmill, the same routine over and over again can get...well...boring.  So how can you have fun on every single run you do (even the ones that are challenging, difficult, even excruciating?).  We’ve got the four best ways to stay positive, happy and challenged during every single run you do while you train for Ruckus:

Give yourself a challenge
Have you been running at a 6.0/mile pace on the same 3-mile route for a few weeks now?  No wonder you’re bored—you’re not challenging yourself!  Hard work doesn’t just make you fitter, it makes you happier, too.  In a 2011 study conducted by scientists at the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences in the UK, recreational runners who rated their enjoyment after a steady 50-minute run weren’t nearly as exhilarated than with their performance at a higher intensity.

How can you challenge yourself?  Try mixing a few sprints into your normal run.  This simple change of pace can help you accomplish the challenge you need. 

Run with friends
Although many runners enjoy the peaceful, serene solo run, it’s important to run with friends and family too.  Running with others provides greater satisfaction with exercise, increased motivation to reach goals and greater consistency to perform.

Give yourself a reward
A run will feel even more satisfying when there is a reward involved.  If you hold a certain pace, reward yourself with a yummy dinner.  If you run the furthest you ever have without stopping, treat yourself with a massage the next day.  Give yourself incentives and you’ll find running to be even more fulfilling and more fun.

Switch up the course
If you run the same course over and over again, your brain will no longer be stimulated and your body will no longer be challenged.  Every so often, opt for a different course—explore new trails, drive out to the countryside or discover a new neighborhood.  Find your route using beforehand so you know exactly where you’re going.

Make running fun again!  Give these four tips a shot and you’ll not only get in Ruckus shape, but you’ll smile while doing it. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Phenomenon of the "Adult Playground"

There is no denying the popularity of mud obstacle courses, but what is causing this new phenomenon? What is inspiring people to cut loose, get dirty and run wild through these challenging adult playgrounds? We’re here to tell you why people ages 2 to 72 can’t help but sign up for these chaotic, rambunctious, ΓΌber-fantastic mud runs.  Here are the three best reasons why people love to get down and dirty with Ruckus:

Primal Instinct
Climbing, crawling, racing—it’s all a part of our animalistic nature. The instinct to compete and survive is embedded deep inside our DNA. These muddy obstacle courses give us a chance to get in touch with this primal side.

Ruckus puts everybody on an equal playing field. No longer are you a CEO or a student.  You’re an athlete participating in what can only be described as an adventure. These adult playgrounds give you the opportunity to get primal, run wild and be a muddy mess. You’ll be happier than a pig in the mud. Pun intended.

Pure Nostalgia
As children, it’s a normal occurrence to come inside covered in mud after a day of hardcore play.  As an adult, however, you don’t have as many excuses to play in the mud (apart from a mud mask perhaps).  In our opinion, that’s a cryin’ shame. But mud obstacle courses give you the chance to experience your childhood all over again.  Climb across the monkey bars, jump over the “hot lava”, run across the playground, repeat. Sound familiar?

As adults, we need to maintain that imaginative, child-like mindset that we seem to be so fond of.  Ruckus allows us to play. It appeals to the inner-child in each and every one of us. So go ahead— experience the feeling of dried mud on your skin and the excitement of running with reckless abandon. Ruckus is recess from your everyday adult life...and who doesn’t love recess?

Positively Unique
We all strive to be healthy and fit, but let’s face it; running can turn into quite a snoozefest after awhile. Adult playgrounds (like Ruckus) add excitement and fun to the normal marathon routine. Ruckus is the edgy and unique cousin of the marathon (the one you want to hang out with at family reunions). While mud obstacle courses are challenging, even to the fittest people, they’re still undeniably entertaining.

When was the last time you were smiling as you were running? After viewing many of the pictures from Ruckus, it’s obvious that the people who are running it can’t help but enjoy it.  What’s more; Ruckus lets you run with the entire family. With a Ruckus course for every member of the family, anybody can participate in an event.  Even the kids are sure to remember Ruckus for the rest of their lives.

Now it’s our turn to ask you.  Why do you run in mud obstacle courses?  Why do you cause a Ruckus?  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ruckus St. Louis Sets Record for Most Shoes Donated to Barrel Aid

I’ve never had an experience quite like this before. 

I’m being dunked multiple times in thick, cool mud.  I’m balancing on swinging ropes.  I’m climbing up muddy walls.  I’m sliding down Mount Ruckmore.  And finally, I’m gently being placed on a tarp with other mud-stained friends.

Yes, I’m a shoe, and yes, I survived Ruckus St. Louis with you.

At first, I was upset that you gave me away.  After all, we’ve been through a lot together—the cool nightly runs, the endless treadmill jogging, the intense agility training.  Through it all, I have stuck by your side.  And to hear that you were giving me away after one of the most chaotic mud runs of our lives made me feel sad and a bit betrayed.  But then I learned about where I was going.  And now, I’m happy.

Because of your big heart, you decided to donate me to an organization called Barrel Aid after we competed in Ruckus St. Louis together.  I have quickly learned that Barrel Aid donates used muddy shoes (just like me!) to schools in Haiti.  And now, 381 other pairs of shoes and I are headed to Haiti to make the world a better place.

Not only are we doing some social good, but we are breaking records too!  My 381 new friends and I broke a record during St. Louis Ruckus—it was a record donation for Barrel Aid!  I would give you a high-five if I could, but I don’t have hands.  Instead, I’ll just smile and drive away with my new buddies and reminisce on the memorable Ruckus experience that you and I shared—even though I was completely blinded the whole time with mud.  

Thank you for donating me, you Ruckstar.  After sticking by your side, I am looking forward to making a difference in someone else’s life now.  Good luck to you—and good luck to the next pair of shoes you decide to put through the ringer!

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Boston, are you up for the challenge?  Let's see if you can beat St. Louis's shoe donation to Barrel Aid!  Bring it on! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Congratulations to our Facebook Photo Contest Winners!

We were overwhelmed by the crazy, muddy and downright hilarious pictures that you all submitted for the Ruckus St. Louis Facebook Photo Contest.  We’ll be honest—choosing just 5 winners was a challenge!  But we have narrowed down our top 5 pictures and are awarding our winners with a free registration to Ruckus St. Louis 2013:

Josh Foster: Starting them out young...3 year old Ruckus. I was told he did the Mini ~25 times! 

Kelly Lepert: This is a "before" photo of the Tootoo girls of St. Louis for the Photo Contest. 

This is the is the "after" photo of the Tootoo girls of St. Louis for the Photo Contest. Notice they are still friends!

Lara Embree: Team Ruckin' Awesome rocked the Ruckus. It was the first time for all of us and we all finished! We love the mud and can't wait until next year!

Alex Paz: Photo Contest: Midwest Viking member Kevin Johnson washes the mud off of team mate Janice Gibbs Brown to reveal a fitting quote.

Niki Hoerner Gomez: My favorite part of the Ruckus is seeing the smile on my sons faces when they finish the mini! (4 yr/ 2 yr)

How can you claim your prize?  We will contact you via Facebook message with information about how to claim your free ticket to Ruckus St. Louis 2013—so check your Inboxes!

A huge thanks to everybody who submitted photos into the Ruckus St. Louis Photo Contest—we hope you cherish all the muddy memories.  Until next year, St. Louis...

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Win Free Registration to Ruckus St. Louis 2013!

You know you loved running in Ruckus this past weekend—and you know that you’d love to do it again.  And now you can...for free! 

We’re looking for some of your favorite photos that you took during Ruckus St. Louis this past weekend.  When you upload those pictures to our Facebook page and write a caption about your experience, you could win a free registration to Ruckus St. Louis 2013!

There are only 2 days left to submit your favorite photos.  So get social with us and share your favorite Ruckus memory—and we’ll see you on the course next year. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Top 10 Tips for Your Next Ruckus Race

Ruckus St. Louis was a lot of things—muddy, thrilling, exhausting, hot, intense, fun, and even a little scary. 

But most of all, I would say that Ruckus was a learning experience.  

Although this blogger has participated in half marathons, swim competitions, 5Ks and triathlons, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for when I pulled into the GCS Ballpark parking lot for Ruckus St. Louis this past weekend.  Would I get worn out?  Was I really going to get that muddy?  Was I going to enjoy the obstacles, the atmosphere and the mess? 

Yes, yes and yes.

But while I was swinging from rope-to-rope like Tarzan, climbing nets like a spider and crawling through mud Shawshank Redemption-style, I learned a lot.  And that’s why I’m writing today—to tell you the top 10 things I learned while participating in Ruckus.  Use these tips for your next Ruckus race, and you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself, stay safe and maybe drop a little time.

1.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

One of the biggest mistakes I made wasn’t during my Ruckus race—it was before the race even began.  I completely failed to hydrate myself the night before the race and by body seemed to suffer from lack of water.  If I could do it all over again, I would definitely drink more fluids the week before the event to ensure that I was being good to my body.

2.  Tie your shoes...tight!
During Ruckus, I noticed that a few people actually finished the race completely barefoot!  Why?  Because their shoes weren’t tied tight enough and they lost them in the mud along the way.  From the very beginning, I saw many participants literally run right out of their shoes, then have to turn around and search through the mud to find them.  My suggestion: wear the right shoes (comfortable, but old enough that if they get ruined, you can always donate them at the end of the race) and tie them extra, extra tight.

3.  Wear snug clothing
Along with tying your shoes tight, I also recommend wearing snug clothing.  I made the mistake of wearing shorts that seemed to weigh me down and a t-shirt that was extremely absorbent and loose.  My clothing definitely got in the way (not to mention, I have a gnarly burn on my legs from sliding down Mount Ruckmore!  Oh the things we do for Ruckus!).

4.  Bring your sunscreen
Even though Ruckus St. Louis took place on a beautiful early-May morning, it was over 100 degrees and the sun was definitely blazing.  No matter what time, day or city your Ruckus race is in, I suggest bringing sunscreen.  You never know when the sun will come out.

5.  Bring flip flops and a towel for the car
After completing Ruckus, I made sure to donate my old Nikes to Barrel Aid, an organization that donates shoes to benefit orphans in Haiti, Zimbabwe and Africa.  Lucky for me, I brought some flip flops to wear to walk back to the parking lot.  My boss (who participated in the run with me) wasn’t so lucky.  He had to sprint across the parking lot to avoid burning the bottoms of his feet!

In addition, I suggest bringing a towel for the car.  Although Ruckus does provide a lot of hoses to clean yourself, I guarantee that no one leaves the Ruckus obstacle course completely mud-free.  Bring a towel for your car so your seats don’t get too muddy!

6.  Gloves could help.
When I first saw some participants wearing gloves, I didn’t exactly understand.  Why would you need gloves during Ruckus?  But then I attempted the monkey bars.  The moment I grasped the first bar, my hand slipped and I fell right into the mud pit.  Gloves would have come in handy, but only for a few of the obstacles.

7.  Take the plunge!
Ruckus is full of mud pits and challenging obstacle courses.  In the beginning of the race, I thought I would be able to finish with minimal mud stains and semi-clean hair.  Boy was I wrong.  Eventually, I decided to stop avoiding the muddy areas and to just take the plunge.  I slid on my stomach and purposefully went through the muddiest parts of the course—why not? Take the plunge and get dirty.  Chances are you’ll go faster!

8.  Take it an obstacle at a time.
Although I ran the 2 mile heater, I had to take the course an obstacle at a time (and trust me, it still wore me out!).  Each obstacle was challenging, so make sure to mentally and physically prepare yourself ahead of time.  You may see an obstacle in front of you and think “there’s no way I can do this.”  Give it a shot.  You never know what you can accomplish if you don’t try.

9.  Get there early.
Ruckus recommends arriving to the course an hour before your heat—and I would agree!  It does take some time to sign in, drop your stuff off at gear check, attach your number and time chip to your clothing and make your way over to the starting line.  But if you need some time to kill before your race, I recommend watching the kids participate in the Ruckus Mini—you won’t be disappointed.

10.  Bring your friends.
Unfortunately, I was by myself throughout most of the Ruckus run.  Although I still had an amazing time and would totally do it again, I wish I had some of my friends beside me to help me stay motivated and keep me laughing.  I recommend bringing as many friends to Ruckus as possible and forming a team—the more the merrier (and the muddier!).  

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here’s What You’re In For: A Sneak Peek of the Ruckus St. Louis Course

When we said that we’re obstacle-running, wall-climbing, mud-throwing athletes, we weren’t kidding.  That’s why we’re bringing St. Louis our muddiest, craziest, most downright adventurous obstacle course yet.  And it all comes together this weekend at Ruckus St. Louis.

St. Louis, are you ready to get down and dirty and cause a Ruckus?  Here is an exclusive sneak peek of what team Ruckus is putting together for you this weekend at the GCS Ballpark in Sauget, Illinois!

A web? A pyramid? What could this obstacle be?

Our forklifts are out and ready to set up! 

Could this be the sign of another Mount Ruckmore?

GCS Ballpark: the perfect location for Ruckus St. Louis!

We hope you trained by running a few stairs! 

Awesome view of downtown STL and the arch. 

Barrels of hay? Would you expect anything less from Ruckus St. Louis?

Plus, we’ve got great news!  The forecast for the day of Ruckus St. Louis (Saturday, May 5) is 91 degrees and partly cloudy.  The perfect weather to get running, get muddy and get competitive!

Care to join us?  Come cheer on the RuckStars throughout almost the entire course (we have the best spectating capabilities of any other obstacle course out there!).  Stop by on Saturday, May 5 at 2301 Grizzlie Bear Boulevard in Sauget, Illinois and get your Ruckus on!

Follow us on Saturday too at @RuckusSports

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ruckus Cheerleaders Wanted!

It may be almost too late to register for Ruckus St. Louis, but it’s not too late to cheer your favorite RuckStars across the finish line!  We can’t help but brag...Ruckus has the best spectating capabilities of any other mud run out there.  So if you can’t participate in Ruckus, why not cheer from the sidelines?

Ruckus is looking for cheerleaders to help us support and encourage our RuckStars over walls, through mud pits and all the way down Mount Ruckmore.  So if you have a family member, friend, loved one or colleague running in Ruckus St. Louis this weekend, why not come down and cheer them on?

Ruckus cheerleaders, we have another task for you too.  We recently announced our Ruckus St. Louis Facebook Photo Contest —a contest that is looking for our participants’ best authentic photos.  How can you help?  Why not take some pictures of the race for your loved ones and post them to Facebook for them!  Because Ruckus has awesome spectating capabilities, you can participate in Ruckus without getting too much dirt under your fingernails.  So what are you waiting for?  Bring your camera, line up by the course and snap a few pictures of your favorite RuckStars while they cross (or crawl across) the finish line.
Click here to learn more about our Facebook Photo Contest.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Countdown Continues: 5 Days until Ruckus St. Louis

Ruckus St. Louis is right around the corner!  In fact, our muddiest obstacle course yet will be open in just 5 days.  So what should you do to prepare for Ruckus St. Louis this week?  It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief, RuckStars, because this week is taper week!

What is taper exactly?  It’s a term that long distance runners, swimmers and bikers long to hear after an intense season of non-stop training.  Taper is what happens when practices and usual exercise literally “taper off” and allow for athletes to recover before their biggest races.

So now that you’ve been training for Ruckus St. Louis for a few months (or maybe weeks or days if you’re running the Heater), it’s taper time!  Here are our top tips for tapering just five days before Ruckus St. Louis:
  • Do you last long run a week before the big day.  After that, it’s time to cut down your mileage at least 80% of what you were doing before.
  • Less is more!  Five days before Ruckus, keep in mind that the less running you do, the better.  Allow your body to build up that energy that you would normally be burning during a long run.
  • Resist strength training.  Allow your muscles to rest and skip your strength-training routine in the final five days leading up to Ruckus. 
  • Mentally prepare by visualizing yourself hurdling over tires, swinging on ropes and climbing over walls.  The more you mentally prepare, the better you will execute.
  • Eat plenty of carbohydrates before the race (like whole-grain breads, pasta and cereal) and drink plenty of water.  Try to resist drinking alcohol as it can have a dehydrating effect.
  • Two days before Ruckus St. Louis, resist the urge to run.  This will help you build up that extra bit of energy that you will need to finish up those obstacle with style.  

Best of luck to you during taper and we will see you on May 5th at the GCS Ballpark! 

Participating in Ruckus St. Louis? Check out our Facebook Photo Contest and win a free registration for the 2013 race! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Did You Know? Mud is Actually Good for Your Kids

How many times have you wiped a child’s face, poured extra bleach into the washing machine or asked the kids to leave their shoes in the garage all in the name of muddy play?  We’re guessing hundreds.  For many parents out there, mud is a pain—it gets all over the house, it gets under fingernails and it doesn’t necessarily scream “sanitary”. 

Muddy knees? No problem!
But many studies have gone to show that mud can actually be good for your kids!  Don’t believe us?  Check out the top 4 ways you should let your kids get a little muddier than usual during Ruckus St. Louis in just a few weeks:

1.  Mud is good for your brain
According to Medical News Today, there are certain types of bacteria found in soil that produce serotonin (and for you non-geeks out there, serotonin is a key chemical to bodily functions and is a natural anti-depressant).  What does that mean exactly?  It means that dirt and mud can actually make you and your kids feel happy! 

2.  Mud improves immune systems
When kids expose themselves to mud, dirt and soil, they are actually building up their immune systems during play (and while creating a huge mess).  Expose your children to the naturally-occurring microbes in soil and they will actually build stronger immune systems. 

3.  It’s healthy to be outside
Obviously, when kids are playing in the mud, they’re not playing inside.  They’re out in the sunlight, which is obviously more beneficial than plugging in the Playstation or powering up the computer.  Studies have recently coined the term “nature-deficit disorder”, a notion that has been negatively impacting children in the tech age.  When kids don’t head outside to play, they suffer from attention deficit disorder, depression and obesity.  And to think that a couple of muddy hands could cure all of that...

4.  Adventure can work wonders
It’s been proven that kids who play outside grow faster in character development.  Children who tackle adventure tend to be more self-motivated and know how to handle friendly competition. 

Get your kids out to Ruckus St. Louis and let them enjoy the mud!  Trust us—the muddy minivan seats will be worth it.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Calling all St. Louis RuckStars! Check Out the Ruckus Facebook Photo Contest

If you’re a social media rockstar and a St. Louis RuckStar, we’ve got the contest for you!  From May 5th until May 12th, Ruckus is holding our first Facebook Photo Contest—the chance for you to show off your hilarious, crazy, chaotic pictures from Ruckus St. Louis and win big! 

So how does this all go down?
We want our Ruckus St. Louis runners to upload a picture of their favorite Ruckus moment to our Facebook page.  The picture can be of an obstacle accomplished, a winning finish, a post-race celebration or even a pre-race pump up session.  Please include a caption with your photo as to why it was your favorite Ruckus moment. 

What kind of pictures are we looking for?
Pictures (unfortunately) cannot be downloaded from our Ruckus website or Facebook page.  They must be authentic and taken from a participant’s or spectator’s own phone or camera. 

What’s the prize?...After all, that’s why I’m doing this!
The prize! Of course!  Five lucky winners will receive a free ticket to Ruckus St. Louis in 2013.  We will contact you via Facebook and provide you with a promo code for next year’s big obstacle course. 

What’s the deadline?
We will only accept photos on our Facebook wall up to 7 days after the event.  That means you’ve got until May 12th to upload your photo.

Best of luck to all of you competing in Ruckus St. Louis—and even more luck to those looking to win a free ticket for the 2013 event!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Win a Free Ticket to Ruckus St. Louis!

You'd be smiling too if you won a free ticket to Ruckus St. Louis! 

Dying to go to Ruckus, but just haven’t had the time, energy or expenses to purchase your ticket?  Lucky you—now’s your chance to win a FREE ticket to compete in Ruckus St. Louis on May 5th!

How can you win?  It’s simple.  Like us on Facebook and tell us the main reason why you should compete in Ruckus St. Louis for free. 

Have an inspirational story?  A milestone you’re looking to meet?  A cool reason you want to join a specific team?  Let us know! You and five others could win the chance to compete in Ruckus St. Louis—for free!  We will be giving out six free registrations—so tell us why you deserve it today.  Winners will be announced on Monday, April 30th. 

Have you already registered for Ruckus St. Louis but have an awesome reason why you should go for free?  Comment or post your reason on Facebook anyway and we will reimburse you for your ticket.  

What are you waiting for?  Cause a Ruckus with us and tell us your story today. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ruckus as a Stress Ball

Stress balls have been used for centuries.  In fact, these squishy, malleable balls have been used in Chinese medicine since the dawn of time.  And still today, stress balls are found in desk drawers, on nightstands, and in the anxious palms of the typical stressed-out soul. 

But why do stress balls work?  The continuous action of muscle contraction and relaxation relieves muscle tension and actually allows us to feel more relaxed and rhythmical.  Stress balls have a therapeutic value—they have been proven to help lighten mental loads and relieve bodily tension.
But squeezing a stress ball is only one way to relieve the tension and stress that pulses through the human body.  There is, in fact, be an even better way to achieve ultimate relief: exercise.

Ruckus can squeeze and smash stress away just as good as soft rubber ball out there.  Why?

Ruckus gets you away from it all
Stress knocks on our doors for many different reasons.  Disease, death in the family, work, family life and financial insecurity seem to be the biggest core areas of stress.  But when a person is in their “zone”, most of these stressors are left behind.  Exercise allows us to clear our heads and “get away from it all”. 

Muscle contraction and relaxation
The reason we love stress balls so much is because they allow the muscles in our arms to contract and relax.  But Ruckus allows for muscle contraction and relaxation on a whole new level.  Because Ruckus combines running with intense (and usually muddy) challenges, your muscles have time to relax in between our crazy obstacles.  Ruckus truly is muscle confusion at its finest.  

Ruckus is rewarding
Squeezing a stress ball can only get you so far.  Once you’re finished palming it to death, you don’t necessarily feel a burning sense of accomplishment.  But when you cross the Ruckus finish line or slide down Mount Ruckmore, we promise you will feel like a stress-free winner.    

Post-Ruckus endorphin rush
Although regular exercise does help us smash stress, mixing up workouts relieves tension even better.  If you’re bored with your routine, you may not experience the normal post-gym endorphin rush, making exercise less effective as a stress fighter than it could be.  Ruckus, on the other hand, allows you to try something new and gives you the chance to combine physical exertion with a bit of benign risk-taking. 

Many Ruckus runners sign up for our muddy obstacle courses because they want to feel that sense of accomplishment.  Others participate because their friends and family members are doing it too.  Yet others get down and dirty during Ruckus just to experience a fun weekend adventure.  But if you’re looking to sign up for something to relieve stress, clear your mind or rejuvenate your mental health, Ruckus may also be just the ticket.  Think of it as a jumbo, muddy, slippery stress ball, designed with you in mind.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still Procrastinating? Register Before the Ruckus St. Louis Price Increase

Hey, you.  Yeah, we’re talking to you.  You procrastinators, I’ll-do-it-later-ers, put-offers, draggers, stallers and dawdlers.  Ruckus St. Louis is about to experience a price increase!  Be sure to sign up today to receive your best offer. 

Prices increase on Friday, April 20, so sign up now and put procrastinating in the past!

We look forward to seeing you and your muddy self on May 5th in St. Louis (assuming you’re not running late!).

Want more Ruckus news and updates?  Check us out on Twitter! @RuckusSports.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Ultimate Ruckus Q&A (and Other Awesome Ruckus Stats!)

Is Ruckus for me?  Will I be able to complete the Ruckus obstacle courses?  Is Ruckus better than Warrior Dash?  Where is a Ruckus near me?  What if I’ve never done a mud run before?  Will I survive?

You’ve got questions—we’ve got answers!  Below are some of our most popular Ruckus questions that you may desperately want answered before the Ruckus St. Louis on May 5th!

Why should I sign up for Ruckus?
Whether you want to feel a sense of accomplishment, are in need of a workout milestone or simply want to have some muddy fun, there are a billion reasons to sign up for Ruckus.  According to our previous Ruckus Kansas City survey, 58% of participants signed up for Ruckus in order to fulfill a persona accomplishment.  41% of participants signed up due to motivation from friends and family members and 20% signed up to experience a fun weekend activity.  What’s your reason to cause a Ruckus?

Do I need to be “in shape” for Ruckus?
We won’t lie—Ruckus certainly isn’t easy.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to be in marathon-shape in order to compete.  Every year, participants from ages 2 to 72 and of all different skill levels compete in Ruckus.  We also offer a variety of different obstacle course lengths including a 4-mile challenge, a 2-mile heater and a Ruckus Mini. 
During Ruckus Kansas City a few weeks back, we found that 37% of participants were “avid runners” and participate in one or more road races a year (whether that be a 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon or triathlon).  35% defined themselves as “general athletes” who simply work out on their own and consider fitness important. 

Should I do the 4-mile Challenge or the 2-mile Heater?
Great question—and it’s completely up to you!  Are you a sprinter?  Check out the Heater.  Looking for a little more running?  Sign up for the Challenge.  Our Challenge is the most popular Ruckus event with 88% of KC participants competing in it a few weeks ago. 

Have most participants competed in Ruckus before?
As a matter of fact, no!  53% of our KC Ruckus runners experienced the crazy obstacle course for the very first time. 

What about Warrior Dash, Spartan Run, Tough Mudder and other mud runs? 
Many of our participants have engaged in these other muddy obstacle experiences, too.  29% of our runners had participated in Warrior Dash, 4% in Mud Run, 3% in Tough Mudder and 2% in Spartan Run. 

Will Ruckus take place near me and how should I arrive?
Ruckus is currently taking over five different cities across the U.S. including St. Louis, Boston, Pittsburgh, Columbus and Kansas City.  A majority of participants travel 30 minutes to one hour to participate in Ruckus and usually arrive with friends in tow.
Keep in mind that not everybody that comes to Ruckus has to run!  We have outstanding spectating capabilities as well.  In fact, 77% of spectators thoroughly enjoyed watching Ruckus Kansas City a few weekends back. 

So, should I take the plunge?
We think so!  If you’re passionate about fitness, enjoy a challenge or want to bond with friends and family, Ruckus is the best obstacle course for you.
And if that doesn’t convince you enough, take a look at the numbers: 78% of KC Ruckus runners plan to sign up for the 2013 Ruckus Kansas City obstacle course!  Another 92% of participants would encourage friends, colleagues and family members to participate in future Ruckus events.  

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up now!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kansas City Ladies Get Down and Dirty: The Adventure Girls’ Ruckus Experience

When Willow Lundgren was growing up, she wasn’t hosting tea parties, wearing puffy pink princess dresses or collecting Barbies.

“I’ll admit it,” she says. “I was a Tom Boy as a kid.  But if I added up all of the mud I’ve ever had on my body during my childhood, it would never add up to how much mud I encountered during Ruckus Kansas City.”

Willow was one of the seven members of a team known as the Adventure Girls.  The team was made up of a group of Kansas City girlfriends who enjoy going on adventures and getting a little down and dirty every once and awhile.  Some of them, as a matter of fact, have even trained for the rigorous runs such as Hospital Hill in Kansas City.  But according to members of the Adventure Girls team, nothing could prepare them for the challenge of Ruckus.

Together, the seven women pushed through the 4-mile Challenge course at Ruckus and finished with a time of 1 hour and 19 minutes.  But the Adventure Girls weren’t pushing for a specific time—they simply just wanted to laugh, create some memories and have some muddy fun.

One of the members of the Adventure Girls was Julie Meers, senior vice president of Missouri Bank.  Any other day, she’s a blazer-wearing, high-profile Kansas City business woman...but during Ruckus weekend, she turns out a muddy mess.

“We all achieved something individually during Ruckus, but we finished together,” said Julie.  “We sang songs, we got muddy and we loved every minute of it.” 

Her teammate and friend Willow (of InvenQuery), thought the same. 

“Ruckus is somewhat of a metaphor for life,” she said.  “In life, you come up against obstacles that look very intimidating.  But then, once you convince yourself to do the best you can and commit, you can overcome anything.”

So will the Adventure Girls come back for round 2 of Ruckus Kansas City next year?

“We all agreed the moment that Ruckus was over, that we would do it again next year,” said Julie.  “I would plan my schedule around something like this!”

Want a similar experience to what the Adventure Girls had?  Join us in St. Louis on May 5th for Ruckus!  Register today and prepare to bring out your inner-Tom Boy!   

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Winning with Pinning: Ruckus is on Pinterest

Did you know that Ruckus is now on Pinterest? We’re posting some of our coolest pictures, connecting with our fellow “Pinners” and are creating bulletin boards full of Ruckus information.  Visit us on Pinterest to learn about Ruckus training, recovery, health and nutrition, and the different cities we will be taking over this year.

Check it all out at Win and Pin with us today!  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Countdown Continues: 25 Days until Ruckus St. Louis

Can you even believe it?  We are only 25 days away from Ruckus St. Louis!  That means that you only have 25 days to get ready for muddy trenches, swinging ropes, mounds of tires and Mount Ruckmore—our coolest obstacle yet. 

Are you getting in Ruckus shape?  Here are a few quick tips on how to train for Ruckus when you’re just 25 days out:

25 Days Out for the 2-mile Heater: 
For all of you sprinters out there, the 2-miler heater may seem short, but it’s a toughie!  The 2-mile heater consists of more obstacles and less running, so we recommend trying out some of these cool exercises to prepare for your Ruckus experience:
  • Weight lifting:  During the Ruckus Heater, you need to be prepared for some heavy lifting.  Get those biceps and triceps in shape and hit the dumbbells at the gym.  Strength training is one of the best exercises you can do to prepare for this obstacle-heavy run.
  • Body weight exercises: Ruckus implements a lot of body weight challenges, so make sure to work on our pushups, pull-ups, planks and more.  The more body weight exercises you do, the more prepared you will be!
  • Playground exercises: Head to the school playground (hopefully not during recess) and try out the monkey bars, balance beams and slides.  Get your hands prepared for some blisters, because the Ruckus Heater will bring them out!

25 Days Out for the 4-mile Challenge:
Ruckus’ 4-mile Challenge takes all of the innovative obstacles from the 2-mile Heater and adds a little more fun (AKA running).  Therefore, in order to prepare for the Challenge, you need to get ready with:
  • Endurance: Be sure to prepare for the Challenge by beefing up your endurance workouts.  Go on long, slow-paced runs, but incorporate short sprint bursts as well.  Try running some hills, too.
  • Body weight exercises: Just like the 2-mile Heater, the Challenge will bring a lot of obstacles that require muscle.  Do pushups, pull-ups and planks every day and you might make your way to the Champions Heat!

25 Days Out for the 8-mile Champions Heat:
Ruckus’ 8-mile Champions Heat is a doozy, and it’s something you can’t really predict to be in or not.  If you’ve done a Ruckus Challenge before, we suggest that you come prepared for the Champions Heat—you might just make the cut!
  • Even more endurance:  If you qualify for the Champions Heat, you’re going to need a lot of endurance to make it through the day.  That’s because the Champions Heat takes the best of the 4-mile Challenge runners.  So get that endurance training going!
  • A lot of everything:  In order to succeed in the Champions Heat, a RuckStar needs a little bit of everything; sprints, endurance, body weight exercises, weight lifting and overall athleticism.  Do a little bit of everything this week to prepare yourself for muscle confusion! 

25 Days Out for the Ruckus Mini:
Like we said, Ruckus is for anyone from age 2 to 92.  And if you’re under the age of 15 and are signed up for the Ruckus Mini, it won’t be too difficult to get in Ruckus shape.  After all, you’ve had hours of recess and intramural sports to practice.  Keep using up your endless energy to get into the best Ruckus shape possible—try out some monkey bars, climb up the slide (if you’re allowed!) and get those running legs moving!  It shouldn’t be too challenge, because you’re a little ball of energy, aren’t you?

We’re 25 days out!  We hope you’re prepared to bring it on May 5th in St. Louis!   

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ruckus Kansas City 2012 Photo Recap: Some of our Fav Shots

If you joined us last weekend for Kansas City’s muddiest, craziest, most chaotic mud run yet, you may want to relive the moment.  Lucky for you, we are providing a sneak preview of some of the coolest pictures from Ruckus Kansas City.  Take a look below and be sure to Like us on Facebook to see more photos from Ruckus Kansas City.  

You've been warned: There will be mud.  
RuckStars face Mount Ruckmore head-on. 

When we said you'd get messy, we weren't kidding. 

That's one way to climb the Ruckus ladder.

Because mud really brings out your eyes.

Facing your fears.

Big or small, Ruckus is for all.

Finishing up the obstacle course with a slide down Mount Ruckmore.

Blazin' her own trail. 

The chance to compare bruises.

Start with a run.  Finish with a crawl.  

Don't just run Ruckus...slide Ruckus, too.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Who says dudes can't enjoy a mud mask?

Sometimes, tires aren't meant to roll.

Ruckus KC: For ages 2 to 92.

Redefining "laydlike" at Ruckus KC.  

Hang in there, RuckStars!

Nothin' but net during this Ruckus obstacle.

The bruises will fade, accomplishment won't.

Sometimes, the path to enlightenment has barbed wire.

Mount Ruckmore: Redefining "slip and slide".

Ruckus Team bringing you the biggest, best obstacles in KC.

Prepare for Ruckus Mini!

Swingin' from rope to rope.  Tarzan would be proud.

It's a whole new take on "recess".  

Giving their manicurists a run for their money.

Pre-mud jump!

When obstacles are in the way, don't go around them. Climb them.

Spidercrawling through this Ruckus challenge.
Still glowing after ropes, trenches and monkey bars.

Because you and your friends should have something to talk about.

Overcoming obstacles...with leaps and bounds!

Pat yourself on the back (as soon as you can lift your arms again!).

Proving that life is short and it's important to stir it up!

Make some noise!

The bruises will fade, achievement won't. 

Making those reps mean something!

A victorious slide down Mount Ruckmore (Hey, nice pants!).

Ruckus: Because everyone should know the meaning of OMG.
Seem like an event that’s right up your alley?  Register today for Ruckus St. Louis!  We will have the same photo coverage for the St. Louis event—and it’ll be an obstacle course you REALLY don’t want to miss.  After all, how many chances to you get to slide down Mount Ruckmore?  Or climb up a mound of tires?  Or swing across a mud pit like Spiderman?  Come out and play on May 5th.