Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ruckus as a Stress Ball

Stress balls have been used for centuries.  In fact, these squishy, malleable balls have been used in Chinese medicine since the dawn of time.  And still today, stress balls are found in desk drawers, on nightstands, and in the anxious palms of the typical stressed-out soul. 

But why do stress balls work?  The continuous action of muscle contraction and relaxation relieves muscle tension and actually allows us to feel more relaxed and rhythmical.  Stress balls have a therapeutic value—they have been proven to help lighten mental loads and relieve bodily tension.
But squeezing a stress ball is only one way to relieve the tension and stress that pulses through the human body.  There is, in fact, be an even better way to achieve ultimate relief: exercise.

Ruckus can squeeze and smash stress away just as good as soft rubber ball out there.  Why?

Ruckus gets you away from it all
Stress knocks on our doors for many different reasons.  Disease, death in the family, work, family life and financial insecurity seem to be the biggest core areas of stress.  But when a person is in their “zone”, most of these stressors are left behind.  Exercise allows us to clear our heads and “get away from it all”. 

Muscle contraction and relaxation
The reason we love stress balls so much is because they allow the muscles in our arms to contract and relax.  But Ruckus allows for muscle contraction and relaxation on a whole new level.  Because Ruckus combines running with intense (and usually muddy) challenges, your muscles have time to relax in between our crazy obstacles.  Ruckus truly is muscle confusion at its finest.  

Ruckus is rewarding
Squeezing a stress ball can only get you so far.  Once you’re finished palming it to death, you don’t necessarily feel a burning sense of accomplishment.  But when you cross the Ruckus finish line or slide down Mount Ruckmore, we promise you will feel like a stress-free winner.    

Post-Ruckus endorphin rush
Although regular exercise does help us smash stress, mixing up workouts relieves tension even better.  If you’re bored with your routine, you may not experience the normal post-gym endorphin rush, making exercise less effective as a stress fighter than it could be.  Ruckus, on the other hand, allows you to try something new and gives you the chance to combine physical exertion with a bit of benign risk-taking. 

Many Ruckus runners sign up for our muddy obstacle courses because they want to feel that sense of accomplishment.  Others participate because their friends and family members are doing it too.  Yet others get down and dirty during Ruckus just to experience a fun weekend adventure.  But if you’re looking to sign up for something to relieve stress, clear your mind or rejuvenate your mental health, Ruckus may also be just the ticket.  Think of it as a jumbo, muddy, slippery stress ball, designed with you in mind.  

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