Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kansas City Ladies Get Down and Dirty: The Adventure Girls’ Ruckus Experience

When Willow Lundgren was growing up, she wasn’t hosting tea parties, wearing puffy pink princess dresses or collecting Barbies.

“I’ll admit it,” she says. “I was a Tom Boy as a kid.  But if I added up all of the mud I’ve ever had on my body during my childhood, it would never add up to how much mud I encountered during Ruckus Kansas City.”

Willow was one of the seven members of a team known as the Adventure Girls.  The team was made up of a group of Kansas City girlfriends who enjoy going on adventures and getting a little down and dirty every once and awhile.  Some of them, as a matter of fact, have even trained for the rigorous runs such as Hospital Hill in Kansas City.  But according to members of the Adventure Girls team, nothing could prepare them for the challenge of Ruckus.

Together, the seven women pushed through the 4-mile Challenge course at Ruckus and finished with a time of 1 hour and 19 minutes.  But the Adventure Girls weren’t pushing for a specific time—they simply just wanted to laugh, create some memories and have some muddy fun.

One of the members of the Adventure Girls was Julie Meers, senior vice president of Missouri Bank.  Any other day, she’s a blazer-wearing, high-profile Kansas City business woman...but during Ruckus weekend, she turns out a muddy mess.

“We all achieved something individually during Ruckus, but we finished together,” said Julie.  “We sang songs, we got muddy and we loved every minute of it.” 

Her teammate and friend Willow (of InvenQuery), thought the same. 

“Ruckus is somewhat of a metaphor for life,” she said.  “In life, you come up against obstacles that look very intimidating.  But then, once you convince yourself to do the best you can and commit, you can overcome anything.”

So will the Adventure Girls come back for round 2 of Ruckus Kansas City next year?

“We all agreed the moment that Ruckus was over, that we would do it again next year,” said Julie.  “I would plan my schedule around something like this!”

Want a similar experience to what the Adventure Girls had?  Join us in St. Louis on May 5th for Ruckus!  Register today and prepare to bring out your inner-Tom Boy!   

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