Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Win a Free Ticket to Ruckus St. Louis!

You'd be smiling too if you won a free ticket to Ruckus St. Louis! 

Dying to go to Ruckus, but just haven’t had the time, energy or expenses to purchase your ticket?  Lucky you—now’s your chance to win a FREE ticket to compete in Ruckus St. Louis on May 5th!

How can you win?  It’s simple.  Like us on Facebook and tell us the main reason why you should compete in Ruckus St. Louis for free. 

Have an inspirational story?  A milestone you’re looking to meet?  A cool reason you want to join a specific team?  Let us know! You and five others could win the chance to compete in Ruckus St. Louis—for free!  We will be giving out six free registrations—so tell us why you deserve it today.  Winners will be announced on Monday, April 30th. 

Have you already registered for Ruckus St. Louis but have an awesome reason why you should go for free?  Comment or post your reason on Facebook anyway and we will reimburse you for your ticket.  

What are you waiting for?  Cause a Ruckus with us and tell us your story today. 


  1. My story is simple one day I sat on the corner of my bed and it tilted up. Looked at myself in the mirror and said "you used to be an athlete." Got up and walked around the block. First time I weighed myself I was at 325, and I had been losing weight for a few weeks. Dedicated myself with volleyball, swimming, and lifting. Two months later I weighed 260. I weigh 240lbs now and I keep pushing. I'm 43, 6'6" and the mud would bring out the flecks of gray in my beautiful blue eyes.

  2. If you don't try to get these FREE tickets you maybe off your Ruckus Rocker. It's a blast and will push you as hard as you want to be pushed. Don't be last! I'm voting for Eric the Tall. I'm locked and loaded. As we say in the Midwest. The hay is in the barn. See you in ST.Louis. Oh by the way! Donate those muddy used sneaks to Barrel Aid! It will most likely save a life!

  3. I am a mother of two and need a bit of a stress relief. I have ran two half marathons in the past two years and I participated last year in the Ruckus. I love these and I love the way they challenge you. I did every obstacle and ran the whole time. I being a small figured woman was very proud of myself b/c many men passed the obstacles while I did all of them. I love challenging myself and would love to compete on May 5th. I wasn't able to sign up this year b/c it wasn't in the budget. I would love to join all of you and if I don't win good luck and have fun!!!

  4. We notified the winners of the free registrations yesterday via Facebook. If you were not notified but sent us a story, we would be happy to provide you with a $5 discount code! Email me at if you'd like the code and thanks for contributing!!

  5. Congratulations to our winners: L.A. McQuaid, Laura Leistico, Nikki Hoerner Gomez, Allie Edwards, Jennifer O'Neal and Are Jay! See you on the course!

    1. Oh my gosh!! I am soooo excited!!! Words can't even describe!! Is there anything I need to do or know before tomorrow??? WOW!!! THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

    2. Allie -- Excited you're on board! Did you happen to receive our Facebook message? We sent you one so you could register before the deadline. Did you register already? If not, please email