Friday, April 27, 2012

Did You Know? Mud is Actually Good for Your Kids

How many times have you wiped a child’s face, poured extra bleach into the washing machine or asked the kids to leave their shoes in the garage all in the name of muddy play?  We’re guessing hundreds.  For many parents out there, mud is a pain—it gets all over the house, it gets under fingernails and it doesn’t necessarily scream “sanitary”. 

Muddy knees? No problem!
But many studies have gone to show that mud can actually be good for your kids!  Don’t believe us?  Check out the top 4 ways you should let your kids get a little muddier than usual during Ruckus St. Louis in just a few weeks:

1.  Mud is good for your brain
According to Medical News Today, there are certain types of bacteria found in soil that produce serotonin (and for you non-geeks out there, serotonin is a key chemical to bodily functions and is a natural anti-depressant).  What does that mean exactly?  It means that dirt and mud can actually make you and your kids feel happy! 

2.  Mud improves immune systems
When kids expose themselves to mud, dirt and soil, they are actually building up their immune systems during play (and while creating a huge mess).  Expose your children to the naturally-occurring microbes in soil and they will actually build stronger immune systems. 

3.  It’s healthy to be outside
Obviously, when kids are playing in the mud, they’re not playing inside.  They’re out in the sunlight, which is obviously more beneficial than plugging in the Playstation or powering up the computer.  Studies have recently coined the term “nature-deficit disorder”, a notion that has been negatively impacting children in the tech age.  When kids don’t head outside to play, they suffer from attention deficit disorder, depression and obesity.  And to think that a couple of muddy hands could cure all of that...

4.  Adventure can work wonders
It’s been proven that kids who play outside grow faster in character development.  Children who tackle adventure tend to be more self-motivated and know how to handle friendly competition. 

Get your kids out to Ruckus St. Louis and let them enjoy the mud!  Trust us—the muddy minivan seats will be worth it.  

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