Monday, April 9, 2012

Ruckus Kansas City 2012 Photo Recap: Some of our Fav Shots

If you joined us last weekend for Kansas City’s muddiest, craziest, most chaotic mud run yet, you may want to relive the moment.  Lucky for you, we are providing a sneak preview of some of the coolest pictures from Ruckus Kansas City.  Take a look below and be sure to Like us on Facebook to see more photos from Ruckus Kansas City.  

You've been warned: There will be mud.  
RuckStars face Mount Ruckmore head-on. 

When we said you'd get messy, we weren't kidding. 

That's one way to climb the Ruckus ladder.

Because mud really brings out your eyes.

Facing your fears.

Big or small, Ruckus is for all.

Finishing up the obstacle course with a slide down Mount Ruckmore.

Blazin' her own trail. 

The chance to compare bruises.

Start with a run.  Finish with a crawl.  

Don't just run Ruckus...slide Ruckus, too.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Who says dudes can't enjoy a mud mask?

Sometimes, tires aren't meant to roll.

Ruckus KC: For ages 2 to 92.

Redefining "laydlike" at Ruckus KC.  

Hang in there, RuckStars!

Nothin' but net during this Ruckus obstacle.

The bruises will fade, accomplishment won't.

Sometimes, the path to enlightenment has barbed wire.

Mount Ruckmore: Redefining "slip and slide".

Ruckus Team bringing you the biggest, best obstacles in KC.

Prepare for Ruckus Mini!

Swingin' from rope to rope.  Tarzan would be proud.

It's a whole new take on "recess".  

Giving their manicurists a run for their money.

Pre-mud jump!

When obstacles are in the way, don't go around them. Climb them.

Spidercrawling through this Ruckus challenge.
Still glowing after ropes, trenches and monkey bars.

Because you and your friends should have something to talk about.

Overcoming obstacles...with leaps and bounds!

Pat yourself on the back (as soon as you can lift your arms again!).

Proving that life is short and it's important to stir it up!

Make some noise!

The bruises will fade, achievement won't. 

Making those reps mean something!

A victorious slide down Mount Ruckmore (Hey, nice pants!).

Ruckus: Because everyone should know the meaning of OMG.
Seem like an event that’s right up your alley?  Register today for Ruckus St. Louis!  We will have the same photo coverage for the St. Louis event—and it’ll be an obstacle course you REALLY don’t want to miss.  After all, how many chances to you get to slide down Mount Ruckmore?  Or climb up a mound of tires?  Or swing across a mud pit like Spiderman?  Come out and play on May 5th. 

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