Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ruckus Recovery: 3 Do-It-Yourself Ice Packs

For those of you who ran in Kansas City Ruckus on Saturday, you may be hurting today.  It’s inevitable: Ruckus is a challenging, difficult course and you’re bound to be a little tired, if not sore, a few days after the completion of the race.  So what can you do to soothe those aching muscles?  Try any one of these three DIY ice packs and jumpstart your Ruckus recovery!

1.  The Slushie

There’s nothing like cooling down in the summer with a delicious slushie.  But slushies aren’t just refreshing to the taste, they’re also refreshing to the touch!  Try the Slushie DIY ice pack and heal those aching muscles in no time: 

                              STEP 1:  Fill a zip-top freezer bag with 3 parts water, 1 part rubbing alcohol
                              STEP 2:  Toss the bag into the freezer
                              STEP 3:  After about 20 minutes, take the bag out and apply to aching area

2.  The Wet Blanket

Although being a “wet blanket” may have a negative connotation, this DIY ice pack is sure to leave you feeling positively refreshed (and maybe even geared up for Ruckus St. Louis!):

                              STEP 1:  Wet a small towel with cool water
                              STEP 2:  Wring out and eliminate as much water as possible
                              STEP 3:  Freeze for 20 minutes and apply ice blanket to the skin

3.  The Side Dish

The third DIY ice pack is a classic—it uses frozen vegetables to help you recover from Ruckus!

                              STEP 1:  Take a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer
                              STEP 2:  While in the bag, break peas apart
                              STEP 3:  Wrap a light towel around the bag of peas & apply for 15 min

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