Friday, May 18, 2012

The Phenomenon of the "Adult Playground"

There is no denying the popularity of mud obstacle courses, but what is causing this new phenomenon? What is inspiring people to cut loose, get dirty and run wild through these challenging adult playgrounds? We’re here to tell you why people ages 2 to 72 can’t help but sign up for these chaotic, rambunctious, ΓΌber-fantastic mud runs.  Here are the three best reasons why people love to get down and dirty with Ruckus:

Primal Instinct
Climbing, crawling, racing—it’s all a part of our animalistic nature. The instinct to compete and survive is embedded deep inside our DNA. These muddy obstacle courses give us a chance to get in touch with this primal side.

Ruckus puts everybody on an equal playing field. No longer are you a CEO or a student.  You’re an athlete participating in what can only be described as an adventure. These adult playgrounds give you the opportunity to get primal, run wild and be a muddy mess. You’ll be happier than a pig in the mud. Pun intended.

Pure Nostalgia
As children, it’s a normal occurrence to come inside covered in mud after a day of hardcore play.  As an adult, however, you don’t have as many excuses to play in the mud (apart from a mud mask perhaps).  In our opinion, that’s a cryin’ shame. But mud obstacle courses give you the chance to experience your childhood all over again.  Climb across the monkey bars, jump over the “hot lava”, run across the playground, repeat. Sound familiar?

As adults, we need to maintain that imaginative, child-like mindset that we seem to be so fond of.  Ruckus allows us to play. It appeals to the inner-child in each and every one of us. So go ahead— experience the feeling of dried mud on your skin and the excitement of running with reckless abandon. Ruckus is recess from your everyday adult life...and who doesn’t love recess?

Positively Unique
We all strive to be healthy and fit, but let’s face it; running can turn into quite a snoozefest after awhile. Adult playgrounds (like Ruckus) add excitement and fun to the normal marathon routine. Ruckus is the edgy and unique cousin of the marathon (the one you want to hang out with at family reunions). While mud obstacle courses are challenging, even to the fittest people, they’re still undeniably entertaining.

When was the last time you were smiling as you were running? After viewing many of the pictures from Ruckus, it’s obvious that the people who are running it can’t help but enjoy it.  What’s more; Ruckus lets you run with the entire family. With a Ruckus course for every member of the family, anybody can participate in an event.  Even the kids are sure to remember Ruckus for the rest of their lives.

Now it’s our turn to ask you.  Why do you run in mud obstacle courses?  Why do you cause a Ruckus?  

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