Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here’s What You’re In For: A Sneak Peek of the Ruckus St. Louis Course

When we said that we’re obstacle-running, wall-climbing, mud-throwing athletes, we weren’t kidding.  That’s why we’re bringing St. Louis our muddiest, craziest, most downright adventurous obstacle course yet.  And it all comes together this weekend at Ruckus St. Louis.

St. Louis, are you ready to get down and dirty and cause a Ruckus?  Here is an exclusive sneak peek of what team Ruckus is putting together for you this weekend at the GCS Ballpark in Sauget, Illinois!

A web? A pyramid? What could this obstacle be?

Our forklifts are out and ready to set up! 

Could this be the sign of another Mount Ruckmore?

GCS Ballpark: the perfect location for Ruckus St. Louis!

We hope you trained by running a few stairs! 

Awesome view of downtown STL and the arch. 

Barrels of hay? Would you expect anything less from Ruckus St. Louis?

Plus, we’ve got great news!  The forecast for the day of Ruckus St. Louis (Saturday, May 5) is 91 degrees and partly cloudy.  The perfect weather to get running, get muddy and get competitive!

Care to join us?  Come cheer on the RuckStars throughout almost the entire course (we have the best spectating capabilities of any other obstacle course out there!).  Stop by on Saturday, May 5 at 2301 Grizzlie Bear Boulevard in Sauget, Illinois and get your Ruckus on!

Follow us on Saturday too at @RuckusSports


  1. My wife and I are coming to Ruckus tomorrow for a little teamwork and "marriage enrichment." Can't wait!

  2. First time running the RunRuckus and it was AWESOME!!! i will be back and I will try to bring friends, whho like to get muddy! I am wearing my medal proudly. ACTIONJACKSON6447.