Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 Most Common Mud Run Injuries

Unfortunately, participating in any sporting event runs you the risk of injury, and mud runs are no exception! We stress the importance of having a great time at Ruckus, but just as important is being safe.  We encourage all competitors to be weary of some possible injuries that may also result from a mud run (and we will give you tips on how to prevent them, too!): 

1.      Heat-related injuries

As you know, Ruckus comes to Kansas City on April 6.  Spring season will be in full force and there is always the chance for a summer-like scorcher (especially with the unpredictable weather in the Midwest!).  Additionally, our Ruckus races will be held in the middle of summer in both Boston (June 15 & 16) and Pittsburgh (July 13).  Being fully hydrated and nourished before, during and after the mud race is absolutely crucial.  More important than stretching or a few pre-race striders is ensuring that your body has the necessary nutrients to take on some daunting obstacles.  So make sure you show up to Ruckus ready for battle, armed with the essentials: water, sports drinks and of course, bananas (but we will provide you with that too!). 

2.      Sprained ankles

During the Ruckus run, you will use just about every muscle, bone and tendon in your body.  But your feet and legs are still as important as they would be in a road race.  Ankles can sprain easily on something as miniscule as one awkward step; so when running on so many different terrains, solid ground is not always a given.  We recommend maintaining focus on the people and space around you, keeping an eye on uneven ground, as well as other competitor’s feet.  And make sure you train before Ruckus.  If your feet, legs and ankles aren’t strong enough for competition, you run a greater risk of getting injured. 

3.      Random cuts and bruises

Do yourself a favor and stop by the drug store on the way to Ruckus and pick up a pack of Band-Aids.  Sorry folks, but you’re probably going to get a few boo-boos along the way (especially if you’re tackling the obstacles as hard as you can!).  If you don’t get a few cuts and bruises, then you probably skipped a few of the challenges we offer (which is still okay).  With more than 20 fun and difficult obstacles, Ruckus might leave you with a few stories to tell at the water cooler at work on Monday.  Remember: cuts and bruises fade, your Ruckus accomplishment will last a lifetime. 

4.      Rope burn and splinters
We know that the word “race” usually implies an emphasis on your lower body, but if you haven’t yet realized that Ruckus is no ordinary race, then it’s time to start catching on.  Your upper body is going to be just as sore the next day!  You will be challenged to pull yourself over eight-foot walls, climb over twisted fences and swing rope-to-rope like Tarzan.  Unless your hands are already calloused, then prepare for a few discolored digits.  But we guarantee you won’t notice any of that before you start enjoying some adult beverages post-race.  To avoid any rope burn or splinters, we recommend wearing padded gloves (like fingerless weight lifting gloves) during the race. 

5.      Damaged egos

Hopefully by now you have talked some family, friends and co-workers into signing up and competing as a team.  With this friendly competition undoubtedly comes a little extra something on the line.  We want each RuckStar to leave it all out on the course, but make sure you save a little extra something for that last kick before the finish line, otherwise your boss or older sibling (or even worse...younger) might pass you.  You may still walk away with a medal, but he or she will also walk away with a year’s worth of bragging rights…and neither ice nor Ibuprofen can heal that!  How can you avoid a damaged ego?  Start training NOW!! 

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