Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 Tips for Your Ruckus Pre-race Prep

Ruckus is meant to be a fun and challenging event—it surely will test your mental and physical strength!  But just because it’s challenging, doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! In fact, the design of Ruckus is to be an exhilarating adult playground. We want all of our participants to get the most out of the Ruckus experience. To do so we recommend proper race preparation.  If this is your first Ruckus, take note!

What is proper race prep?

It’s simple.  Race prep is everything you do leading up to Ruckus. If you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry! We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a top 5 list of the most crucial pre-race prep tips that will ensure you’re ready to take on everything the Ruckus course has to offer—including Mt. Ruckmore!

1. Training
Ruckus Kansas City is a couple of months away, so you still have some time to train even if you may not be in Champion’s heat-shape. The Ruckus course encompasses obstacles that test your climbing, crawling, balance, strength, and most of all cardio abilities. Exercises that challenge these are what will get you Ruckus ready. Movements like burpees, pull ups, pushups and lunges don’t require a gym but are just as effective. When paired with running a couple of miles and practicing army crawls, you’ll be Ruckus ready in no time.

2. Nutrition
Your body needs fuel to run, just like a car.  The higher octane the fuel is, the better it will run. Loading up on carbohydrates isn’t for everyone.  In some cases, heavy carbs can slow you down. Protein, however, is essential to everyone—especially those looking to get fit! You’re muscles thrive on protein, so give it to them. Don’t forget to hydrate.  Our bodies are 85% water.  Drink according to your thirst.

3. Relax
Before race day, it’s important to take a day or two off.  Some light stretching and easy jogging can clear your mind and allow your body some recovery time. If you overwork your body, you won’t be able to perform at your best.

4. Wear what works
When it comes time for race day, wear something that is comfortable to you. Experienced RuckStars have suggested pants, gloves to provide grip and old shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Then again, some other Ruckus-ers have worn costumes!  We’ll leave that up to you.

5. Stretch
Along with eating something light that will provide you with energy and drinking plenty of water, the most important thing you can do on Ruckus race day is stretch. Once you enter the course, you cannot leave, so make sure you are stretched and warmed up before you’re race. This will prevent injury and allow you to perform at your peak.

If you follow these 5 tips, you’ll no doubt be ready to take on everything the Kansas City Ruckus course has in store. The most important thing to remember is to have fun! The Ruckus course is challenging.  Enter with the mindset of having fun first, as long as you give it your best, you’ll be rewarded!

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