Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RuckStar Profile: Ryan Falkenrath

We love our RuckStars!  Read Ryan Falkenrath’s amazing Ruckus experience and sign up for a Ruckus near you today. Kansas City, you’re next!

Name:  Ryan Falkenrath
Hometown: Olathe, Kansas
Occupation: Endurance Sports Coaching / Online Media Marketing
Favorite Ruckus obstacle: Anything with mud.
Preferred race-day gear: Spandex undershorts, shorts with waist-band tie, socks, shoes tied TIGHTLY and a form fitting dry fit shirt.
Pre-race rituals: Hydrate, dehydrate, hydrate, stretch and visualize.
Advice to future participants: See my past articles!

Favorite Ruckus memory: My goal last year was to get out in front of the crowd and for a brief moment, I was in first place in my wave.  I was king of the world for about 5 minutes until everyone caught me.
What keeps you Ruckus-ing in 2013?  It's a good time and a fun alternative to just running.  I enjoy the benefits of running, but sometimes not the act of running.

Register for our next Ruckus race—Kansas City on April 6th! 

Have a fun Ruckus memory to share?  Email profile@ruckussports.com and tell us your story! 

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