Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RuckStar Profile: Giselle McGaw

Name: Giselle McGaw

Hometown: Blue Springs, MO

Occupation: Pre-school teacher

Favorite Ruckus obstacle: Definitely the monkey bars!  I love that obstacle because it requires a lot of upper body strength and grip and it was very challenging to complete towards end of race when I was fatigued.

Preferred race-day gear: My preferred race gear, especially if it’s hot, is a sports bra and compression shorts. Its light helps me move faster...plus I get a better tan that way...lol.

Pre-race rituals: Energy drink for sure! Post…alcohol!

Advice to future participants: Always challenge yourself! You will never know what you can do until you try it. BE BETTER EVERYDAY and never give up! The reward is so much greater when you set a goal and accomplish it.

Favorite Ruckus memory: My favorite Ruckus memory was post-race in parking lot showering with a gallon of water!

What keeps your Ruckus-ing in 2013?  I have done 3 mud runs and I love the Ruckus run! It’s my favorite  because it has better obstacles and it’s a good distance—not too short or too long.  Ruckus has a great volunteer staff cheering you on.  The layout for spectators to watch and cheer you on is fantastic! That really keeps you motivated and going strong towards end of your race ;)

When I ran this race, I was recovering from a sprained right ankle and was wearing an ankle brace. Too me, the most challenging part was getting through all the mud and climbing with a weak ankle, but I did it! At 38 years old, I continue to push my limits and enjoy challenging myself everyday! I love to compete and adrenaline is my drug!! This year, I plan on making Ruckus a family affair and have my children there watching and possibly running it with me. I recommend this race to all my friends and look forward to doing it again this year!!

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