Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ruckus: A Corporate Team Building Experience

“Quick everyone!  Get to the conference room!  It’s time for a team building seminar!”

Those words should never be said with enthusiasm. Ever.

There is nothing more boring than PowerPoint presentations and free bagels to “bring a team together”. Yet this activity is exactly what companies do to “excite” their employees about working together. Great teamwork isn’t developed with crazy fonts and smooth transitions.  Team building should be!

Teamwork makes the dream work.
So, if you want to build up your corporate team, what activity should you plan? That’s an easy one; Ruckus!

Build Emotional Bonds 
Ruckus helps build the emotional bonds that are the building blocks of trust and teamwork. The physically challenging course at Ruckus acts as the common enemy for your team to rally around. At the end of the Ruckus race, there’s nothing more rewarding than cheering all of your team members as you all cross the finish line, worn out and covered in mud. An out-of-breath nod to a teammate that says “that was tough and challenging but we beat it together” speaks a whole lot more than actually saying it in a conference room setting.  Plus if you can overcome our obstacles as a team, you can overcome a lot of tough clients together too!

Team Activities vs. Individual Activities 
When trying to build cohesiveness within your team, competitive events that are individual based don’t work. Activities where coworkers only have to worry about themselves are just as ineffective as seminars (think bowling, laser tag, or paintball). These types of activities create a “me first” mindset; participants want to shine individually and are only concerned with their own success. On top of that, if there is tension between some team members, do you really want to give them paintball guns?  We didn’t think so.  The best solution is to set up a team and run Ruckus together!

Foster Trust 
If you really want to build cohesiveness within a corporate team you won’t do it with terms like “synergy”. Trust falls are a great idea, but if people fail to catch you, trust isn’t the only thing often broken or damaged. True team building occurs when people are able to come together around a common cause.

Ditch the laser tag and steer clear of the conference room. Gather your team for Ruckus Kansas City on April 6, 2013 to turn your corporate get-together into a muddy good time! Sign your team up quickly because wave times sell out fast. Let Ruckus be your new corporate tradition!

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