Monday, February 11, 2013

RuckStar Profile: Paul Jones

We love our RuckStars!  Read Paul Jones’ amazing Ruckus experience and sign up for a Ruckus near you today. Kansas City, you’re next! 

Name: Paul Jones
Hometown: Templeton, MA
Occupation: Sales Engineer by day, admin of the New England Spahtens obstacle course race team by night
Favorite Ruckus obstacle:  Oh, easy! Mt. Ruckmore! Or the air loops. Or the gigantic troughs. Hmm...
Preferred race-day gear: My New England Spahten drill shirt and running shorts. X-Talon 190's for grip!
Pre-race rituals:  Stretch the legs, jump up and down and Ruckus!
Advice to future participants:  Ruckus is what you make of it. For new folks, take things steady, have a good time, enjoy the obstacles - you're seeing some of the best out there. For the competitors, go for it - leave it all on the course and get in the Champions Heat!
Favorite Ruckus memory:  Running the 2012 summer MA race with my wife - her first race ever. Or running the first Ruckus in Marshfield, MA ever, back in 2010 with my gym buddies!
What keeps you Ruckus-ing in 2013? Ruckus puts on one of the best courses in its class, and has amazing spectator access - one year I want in on the Champions Heat - almost had it at the fall race!

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