Friday, February 15, 2013

Come Celebrate the 3 F's of Ruckus!

Ruckus: Family, Fun, Finishing! 

At Ruckus, we are all about 3 things...and all of them start with the letter “F”.  Continue reading to learn about our biggest beliefs...and be sure to remember all 3 when you’re running Ruckus this year!

FAMILY:  Keep in mind that Ruckus is always family-focused.  Yes, we love competition, we love racing and we love the mud...but most importantly, we love our Ruckus families.  We are one of the only mud obstacle course races  that caters to every member of your family—from our Mini RuckStars to your rebel teenagers, from aunts and uncles to mud-loving grandparents.

FUN:  In addition to being obsessed with our family-focus, we also can’t help but focus on fun!  What’s an obstacle course without laughter, memories and hilarious mud-filled stories?  The most important aspect of Ruckus isn’t winning—it’s having fun while you’re completing the course.  It’s about smiling while sliding through mud, laughing while hanging from ropes and holding your best friend’s hand as you slide down Mt. Ruckmore.

FINISHING:  As we previously stated, it’s important to remember that Ruckus isn’t about winning—it’s about finishing.  We are very proud of our Ruckus Champions, but we are even more proud of those who enter into the race just wanting to finish.  Completing Ruckus is a challenge.  It’s not just a run—it’s a battle.  Being able to jump over flames, crawl on top of tires and swing on ropes is no easy task—and we could not be more proud of all of our RuckStars who bravely complete the course year after year (and you should be too!).

Are you all about family, fun and finishing?  If so, come celebrate your athletic excellence at Ruckus this year!  It’s a great opportunity to get the family together, get some great exercise, create memories and get a little muddy along the way. 

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