Monday, January 28, 2013

Are You Clever? Witty? Hilarious? Enter Ruckus' Caption Contest!

We know a lot of you RuckStars out there are pretty clever, witty and downright hilarious.  To participate in something like Ruckus, you have to have a sense of humor.  That's why we're opening up our Ruckus Caption Contest--a Facebook contest where our funniest, most creative RuckStars will truly shine!

Every week from Jan. 28 until Feb. 18, we will post a new photo on our Ruckus Facebook page and our Instagram account (@RuckusSports).  The person who comments below the photo with the funniest, wittiest or most hilarious caption will receive 2 free tickets to Ruckus Kansas City!

Many will enter, 4 will win.  What are you waiting for?  Take a stab at a hilarious photo caption on our Facebook page or Instagram profile today!

Follow us on Twitter, too! @RuckusSports 

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