Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 10 Treadmill Workouts to Prep for Ruckus

Ruckus Kansas City isn’t until April 6, but now’s the time to start training!  The only problem is that Kansas City winter weather is a little unpredictable—one day, it’s mid-fifties and the next, it’s in the teens. Running in freezing cold is no fun (we all know that “my-lungs-are-on-fire” feeling!).
But rather than letting the winter weather deter you from training for our Ruckus mud run, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best treadmill routines that’ll have you in Ruckus shape, even when the thermostat is below 0! 

1.  30 Minute Intense Interval

2.  Walking Lunge Interval 
Do the same workout as above but during the resting segments, drop the speed to 1.2 and perform walking lunges.

3.   Short Intervals, High Incline 

4.  Speed Increasing Ladder
Same as the above workout but instead of a speed of 7, start at 6.6 increasing by .1 each segment. By the end of the 10th segment, you’ll finish at 7.5 

5.  King of the Mountain 

6.  Climb the Ladder
Perform the King of the Mountain but this time, start low and increase every level. Start at an incline of 1 and raise 1 with each segment. Feel free to manage speed accordingly.

7.  Sprinter's Paradise

8.  Endurance Sprinter's Paradise
Same workout as above except you increase the sprinting interval time to 1:15 and decrease the resting interval to 45 seconds.

9.  The Ruckus
Also known as the never-ending sprint, this bad boy will get you in Ruckus shape in no time!

10.  The Ruckus Level 9000
If The Ruckus is a little too easy for you congrats—you’re a beast! If you need something more challenging, perform The Ruckus, but after each interval, bring the speed down on the treadmill so you can safely exit. Once off, perform 30 seconds of jumping lunges.  When complete, get right back to it. Yowza! 

These workouts are perfect for the beginner or those eyeing a golden helmet in the Champions Heat. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Ruckus today and then hit the treadmill—you’ve got some training to do!

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