Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ruckus: More than a Physical Challenge

It takes a heck of a lot more than physical strength, agility and endurance to finish the Ruckus obstacle course.  In addition to the physical challenge that Ruckus provides, our obstacle course also poses a mental challenge to our participants.  In fact, many Ruckus racers have admitted to us: “it’s all mental!”

Anyone can climb a 10 foot wall made of rope—as long as they put their mind to it!  Ruckus is all about mental toughness.  It’s about going out onto our obstacle course and challenging your brain to push forward, even when it gets tough.

Although now is a great time to start training your muscles for Ruckus Kansas City, it’s also a great time to start training your BRAIN!  Here’s what you’ll need mentally in order to successfully finish a Ruckus obstacle course:

1.  A positive attitude
First and foremost, it’s important to go into Ruckus with a positive attitude!  We want all of our participants to have the time of their lives—and that all starts with a great attitude.  Whether you’re running to win or just to have a great time, making your way to the finish line with a smile on your face is the most important part.  The more positively you think during the obstacle course, the faster you’ll complete our physical challenges. 

2.  Think on your feet
Finishing Ruckus takes more than muscle—it takes muscle memory too!  When you train for a competition like Ruckus, you are also mentally teaching your muscles to remember certain movements.  This allows your body to react quickly throughout the obstacle course.  Prepare your body and your mind for difficult obstacles.  The more you practice, the less surprised you’ll be when you have to climb a 7 foot wooden wall splattered with mud! 

3.  Mental strategy
Think strategically during your Ruckus race—will it be better if you wade through the mud or crawl through it on all fours?  Should you take the race out fast and get ahead of the crowd or stay in the pack and save your energy for the end?  That’s your mental strategy coming through!  Figure out what works best for you (even before the race starts!).  

4.  Mental toughness
We guarantee that at least one of our Ruckus obstacles will mentally challenge you.  Staring at the course you may think to yourself “can I really climb that wall?” or even “will I really be able to finish a 5K?”  Always remember to fight through any mental barriers.  Keep a can-do mentality throughout the race and you’ll be sure to succeed. 

5.  Fun, fun, fun!  
And most importantly, remember: Ruckus is all about FUN.  We encourage you to determine some goals before the race, but in the end, it’s meant to be a fun, exhilarating experience.  Although you may not get the finish time you wanted, or if one of the obstacles got to the best of you, remember: after the finish line, it’s time to celebrate (with beer and all!). 

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