Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is Ruckus for Kids Too? (Here’s a Hint...Yes!)

We make no secret of the fact that Ruckus is the premier family-friendly event for runners of all ages. We’re good, muddy fun for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you’re 2 or 92 years old, we welcome all ages!

We get a lot of parents who participate in the mud run, and we see a lot of children standing on the sidelines, cheering on parents, family members and older siblings. While each family’s decision about what age is appropriate to participate in is their own to make, there is an increasing number of children participating in running activities and races.

According to, there are 364 running events just for kids and 255 running events for families throughout the U.S. just this month! From Los Angeles to Boston and all cities in between, there are so many opportunities for kids and families to get active together. 

The great thing about family friendly events is that portions, if not its entirety, are tailored to kids. A 6 year-old in St. Louis recently ran a marathon over the course of 9 months in half-mile intervals. The marathon was tied to a reading program in which the participants read 26 books and performed 26 good deeds. Events like this encourage learning and responsibility while respecting a child’s natural limitations.

Just as with adults, there is an abundance of children’s running gear that has come to market in the past decade. It is important to provide any young runner with the proper shoes and running gear as soon as they start their running career.  That’s right—no more light up Elmo sneakers for these Mini RuckStars!

When we say Ruckus is for everyone, we really mean it! When kids are given the chance to exceed expectations, they always surprise us. We look forward to seeing you and the whole family (grandma too!) at the next Ruckus event.

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