Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Top 4 Biggest Mud Run Mistakes of All Time

Let’s be honest.  Your Ruckus mud run isn’t going to go 100% incident-free.  You’ll go home with a bruise or cut, need to take three showers to get fully clean, or still be sore at work or school on Monday.  But despite the bruises, cuts and sore muscles you’ll get along the way, we both know that you’ll have a blast competing in a mud run. 

And although we can’t help you avoid every slip on the mud, we can warn you about some of the biggest mistakes a mud runner can make when competing.  We hope that these 4 mistakes will help you prepare for your next mud run...and avoid any additional cuts or bruises! 

1.      Wearing the wrong shoes

Competitors participating in a mud run are guaranteed to run on all sorts of terrain ranging from grass to mud to wood.  The need for a decent pair of athletic shoes cannot be overstated.  Do not use the same pair you wear to cut the lawn just because they will get dirty.  We recommend a pair that has good traction and durability.  When shopping for your pair of running shoes, know that price is not the determining factor – just because they are expensive does not mean they’re the best for you!

2.      Jumping too aggressively

Every once and awhile, it feels just plain awesome to jump into a pile of mud at full force.  But be careful because Ruckus obstacles like the Mud Garden and Down-n-Outs have extremely shallow depths. If you jump in forcibly feet-first, your shoes may hit the bottom of the pit very quickly and you might get stuck.  From there, you will probably pull your foot clear out of your shoe trying to move (good luck getting that one back!).  Be cautious when entering the mud pits and then work up your momentum once you are established in the muddy mess (another tip is to slide face first through the pits...sometimes it’s the fastest and most effective way!). 

3.      Starting too fast

This is especially important for those brave enough to test the Champions heat, our 4-mile course.  This is the most competitive division, but it is not won in the first quarter-mile.  You will start in waves, and trust us when we say there is no reason to have a collision with another RuckStar in the first thirty seconds.  If you are looking to break records, do so after the first obstacle when runners are more spread out.  Pacing yourself is crucial!  We don’t want to have to peel you off the ground 100 yards from the finish line!

4.      Not planning ahead

Ruckus Boston may be two months away, but spots are already filling quickly!  We know that competitors like to sign up with family, friends and co-workers to compete as a team, but that only works if you all sign up in the same heat.  In order to do so, you need to get on the ball now!  Plus, it’s important to start training at least a month or two before your big race day. 

It may be important to show up to your mud run with an open mind and maybe a Band Aid or two, but we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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