Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why It’s Important to Face Your Fears

One word comes up a lot when we talk to people about Ruckus: fear. So many people we interact with at our mud runs open up about how they were so hesitant to participate because they were afraid.  But after completing the obstacle course, they feel empowered, strong and brave. In other words, they realize who they’ve always been beneath all the fear.

What is fear?
Fear can take many forms, whether that’s a quiet voice that eats away at self-confidence or a debilitating shout that cripples our sense of possibility. We’re often tempted to avoid our fear triggers at all costs, when in reality, consistent avoidance of fear gives our fear more power over us.

Am I alone in my fear?
When it comes to Kansas City Ruckus, we’re no stranger to the fears people feel – fear of failure, fear of injury, fear of looking silly, even fear of heights—because these are common fears. The important thing to remember about fear is that by no means are you ever the only person feeling what you’re feeling. Odds are every single person at the starting line is facing large and small fears too, and their fears are probably very similar to your own.

Why should I face my fears?
Left unchecked, fear can dominate your mindset and limit your possibilities. Facing fear is hard to do, but necessary to live a truly boundless life. The unknown wasn’t meant to be unknown forever, and it’s our job to take the risk of doing new things so we may expand our world. Facing fears allows us to see new ventures as opportunities and not obligation. And, most importantly, facing our fears means finding out what we’re truly made of—and we’ll often be surprised by the results! We can do more than we think, and facing fears ensures we aren’t selling ourselves short.

Just remember—fear is normal, you are not alone in feeling it, but you should do everything you can to face it. That’s why we created Ruckus in the first place. We want to see people living their lives to the fullest, unhindered by fear. We hope you’ll join us for the wild adventure!

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